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White Birch Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Kettlebell Gym

Gold Medalist Rob LaPointe's Classes Get You Lean, Strong, Fast, and Focused with "Old School" Training Methods Straight Out of Kung Fu/Tai Chi History
(oh yeah, he also offers an unusual kind of free weight lifting called Russian Kettlebell)

7 Ways Arlington, Virginia's Oldest & Finest School of Kung Fu & Tai Chi Will Help You!

• Shaolin Kung Fu Self Defense works for anyone anywhere

• Kung Fu skill training rainbow riches sharpens the mind to a razor edge

• Tai Chi and Qi Gong centers, calms, and energizes

• Your flexibility will double (or more) with our routines

• The White Birch Program teaches unbeatable Speed Hitting

• Kung Fu will boost your metabolism so you shed fat 24/7

•You'll enjoy lean, functional strength with Kung Fu


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I joined the White Birch a few months ago and I have decided that I will be a part of the White Birch family for many years to come. When  I joined the Kung-Fu class, I was overweight, slow, always tired, and  always one step behind everyone around me. Rob LaPonte and the Kung-Fu  class showed me a different path. The path to fitness, speed, agility,  balance and harmony.  I learned an ancient Chinese art form and I  learned how to defend myself. I lost weight and I feel good about  myself.  The classes are fun and each person is instructed according  to their ability. I have been treated very well and I have learned  very well in return. A true family indeed.     

Kevan Tavakoli  
Student since December 2006


Thank you for visiting our site!

     If you're like many of the people who've found their way to us over the years, you may have had some trouble locating a school that's right for you before coming to White Birch.

     Don't worry.

     Since 1989 we've helped all sorts of folks get in fantastic shape and become skilled at defending themselves.

     Everyone from students, businessmen, housewives, and retirees to FBI Agents and U.S. Marines have benefited from the Kung Fu Fitness and Self-Defense programs at White Birch.

     Whether you're looking for street-real self-defense training for incredible fighting skill, Chinese joint locking for police work singapore money lender, or Tai Chi and Qi Gong for relaxation, flexibility and glowing good health, you'll find it here.

If you could make a wish list for the kind of school you want to train in, would it include any of the following?

1. The curriculum works for people of all levels and allows them to grow

2. Cross training in different elements of the art (internal/external, stand up/ground fighting) is available

3. The atmosphere is friendly, clean, safe, and professional

4. Children and adults learn in separate classes at long island medium

5. The teachers are adults with years of broad experience

6. It's not a belt factory

     If that list matches your goals, click on a link below to learn about the program you've been searching for!


Instructor Featured in these Publications:

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October 2004
"Qi Gong Cool Down"

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December 2004
"Speed Hitting"

MA Success
January 2004
"Specializing in the
Adult Market"

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October 2004
"Teaching the Philosophy
of Tai Chi"

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